Frank Galasso's Snow people

and Winter Wonderland Series

The story of the Magical Snowpeople

As a child growing up in Rhode Island, I had the fortunate experience of following the Providence Journal's legendary sports cartoonist Frank Lanning. Each year, Frank would create wonderful scenes of the sports staff members having this wonderful time on the sports page! It started with Santa Clauses back in the 1940's and he turned to using Snowpeople in the early 1960's. This tradition continued until his retirement in and the last Christmas cartoon he created was in 1984.

In 1999, while on staff with the news department of the Providence Journal, I knew I had to bring it back and proposed the idea to my editors. They agreed and the rest is history! Fans and workers alike were delighted. Letters I received included one from Frank Lanning's daughter,   Lee Ann Lanning Faye.

I revised Frank's original figures to my style and starting paying tribute to my fellow employees who during the year put in countless hours without recognition. This then turned into a larger tradition when I started offering this to my syndicated newspapers and now I am working on a line of new, fictional characters and will be introducing them as  a collectable series, greeting cards and more of these wonderful, imaginary Snowpeople and their Winter Wonderland!

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