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 HOTLINE: 1-401-615-2613

EMAIL: Frank Galasso


Come to Papi Cd $9.95 each

Please add $3.50 for Priority shipping/handling per every 5 CD's ordered.


Please add $5.00 for Priority tubing and shipping/handling per every 6 lithographs ordered.

If you'd like to purchase by mail with either personal check, bank check or money order:

Make all checks and/or money orders Payable to Frank Galasso and Mail to:
Frank Galasso Lithographs
c/o Frank Galasso
P.O. Box 586
West Warwick
Rhode Island 02893

Credit Cards and On-line purchasing using paypal:

My paypal account name is CTOONSRI@aol.com

I use PayPal for on-line purchasing, PayPal adds no direct costs, they are very reliable

and can handle all CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS!


Click Here For PayPal Sign-up, or for more info about PayPal

You can sign up and use their services immediately at no cost.

I use PayPal for our credit card orders. I searched the options and chose PayPal because I know many people are concerned about the security of using their credit cards to make purchases on the Internet. Paypal is recognized as one of the most secure systems on the Internet and for this reason, thousands of retailers are using PayPal. To maximize the security, you must ship the item to the same address as the billing address for your credit card. This way, if someone ever found your credit card number, they still could not use it to make purchases for themselves.

Another reason I chose PayPal is for the convenience. As a purchaser, you can track your purchases. You can log on to their web site, see a list of the purchases you have made, and see exactly when they were received. To make this possible, during your purchase you will be asked to create a PayPal password (if you don't already have one) so you can log on to their web site.

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All Original Artwork, Lithographs and Prints are Limited Editions and available for Personal Use only.
Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
Any reproduction is prohibited by applicable publication laws.